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The Epic Bike Ride

The Epic Bike Ride journey is a 1,000-mile bike ride that Ganesh Shenoy will begin in Freedom Park, NY this August 2021. From there, he will ride north through Buffalo and then into Canada. The ride will continue through Canada and then east back into the United States/Michigan and end up in Ada, Michigan at Amway World Headquarters.

Why is Ganesh doing this? He believes that true joy in life comes through giving. As you go through life, you want to experience joy. You want to experience it with your family, your friends, school, your job --- and you spend a lot of time trying to find and receive joy. Later on, he realized that to truly experience joy, you need to give joy. Give back to the community, give back to society, help others. That's true joy! That's why he has decided to embark on the Epic Bike Ride. To raise awareness for Easterseals and children with autism. To help put joy in their and their family's lives.

Ganesh has been blessed with a great life. A beautiful and healthy family. A nice home and a wonderful business, but not everyone is so fortunate. Families who have children with disabilities and the every day struggles they encounter, need help, love, and support. That's he has partnered with Easterseals Michigan. Since 1920, Easterseals Michigan has been spreading help, hope, and joy into the lives of so many children and families in need.

This journey, The Epic Bike Ride will show that anyone with a dream and a goal can do what others think is not possible. In addition to this 1,000 journey, Ganesh has also set a goal of raising $500,000 for Easterseals Michigan. Additionally, a portion of the funds raised will be donated to Homeless Veterans.

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